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Nov 23, 2015

I'm back from my mission trip to Jamaica, my friends. And I have several stories and writing insights to share with you. It's all here in episode 029 of the Write Now podcast.
Is travel a "must" for writers?
Travel is a great way for writers to learn, grow, and gain an entirely new perspective. The only downside is that it's not feasible or accessible for everyone. Travel can be expensive, and not everyone can take an extended leave of absence from work, family, or other duties.

This is why I'm so grateful to my employer, Click Rain, for sending me on an annual overseas mission trip to inland Jamaica for the past three years. In today's podcast episode, you'll hear all about my trip and how it affected me as a writer.

A more complete and engaging story.
I acknowledge the irony of lauding "writing with all of your senses" in the same episode in which I visit a village for the deaf. But I'm not saying that you need all five senses (or only five senses) to be a good writer. Not at all.

I think that films and movies have done great things for our imaginations, but they have rather limited the way we tell stories. I've read many writers that rely on the same two elements -- sight and sound -- that movies use... and nothing else.

But what about touch and taste and smell? Or any other kind of knowing?

Today's podcast episode encourages you to create a multi-sensory experience for your reader, and not just convey sights and sounds in the tradition of the silver screen.
Book of the week.
This week's pick is Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn, an incredibly fun mashup between historical fiction and mystery.

Lady Julia Grey is recently widowed and GASP! is there the possibility that her husband could have been murdered?

This book has everything I love about the mystery genre, from lovable, genuine characters to smart and snappy plot twists, and in some ways pays a gentle homage to Elizabeth Peters' Amelia Peabody series.

Lady Julia completes an enjoyable character arc that leaves us with a spunky, satisfying heroine who's quite progressive for her time. Plus, there's a dashing, mysterious, and very Heathcliff-ian hero named Brisbane, plenty of tea, a tiny dog named Mr. Pugglesworth, and a raven named Grim. I think you'll like it.

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