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Mar 25, 2016

Episode 011: Matt Paulson

You might remember Matt Paulson from one of my very first Coffee Break episodes, where we talked about his digital publishing company, automating the writing process, and blogging, as well as a book he had recently written.

Five months later, Matt is publishing another book. It's called The Ten-Year Turnaround and it's about achieving financial freedom within a ten-year time period.
"All writers are entrepreneurs, whether they realize it or not."
Want to feel even more inadequate by comparison? Matt wrote this entire book while walking on a treadmill.
"Fitbit tells you 'good job, you got your steps in,' and you also got a bunch of work done."
During today's Coffee Break, we're talking about multitasking, being smart enough to know when you've hit a wall, the perks of self-publishing, and writing on the treadmill. Also, I recorded this after a very long week and while incredibly sleep-deprived, so I am in rare form. (You'll see.)

And #neverforget:
"Be a tool."
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Anyway, give today's episode a listen using the controls above or on iTunes, and while you're at it, be sure to visit Matt's website, snag his latest book, or listen to our previous conversation.
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