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Dec 4, 2015

Episode 006: Kate Dyer-Seeley
My friends, I have to admit: this episode of Coffee Break almost turned me into a hypocrite.

Earlier this week, I released an episode of Write Now titled Letting Go, especially re: perfectionism. I proclaimed, several times, that "done is better than perfect!"

This episode of Coffee Break really challenged that belief. The audio quality is not very good, thanks to a shoddy Skype/internet connection and echo-chamber-like setting, and my interview questions were total lame-sauce. I considered simply deleting this episode and sending an effusive apology letter to the interviewee, Kate Dyer-Seeley, who despite my flailing was absolutely delightful.

But I couldn't do that, because on top of everything else I am stubborn as heck. So instead I'll apologize to you, lovely listener, for the substandard audio quality, let it go, and move on. :)
Kate Dyer-Seeley on mystery plotting, hiking, & the magic of editing:
Today's Coffee Break focuses on Pacific Northwest author Kate Dyer-Seeley. She's the author of several mysteries in the "cozy" genre (one of my faves), and a pure delight to talk to.

Mystery writers need to be particularly strategic with their craft to keep the reader guessing, and Kate very graciously goes into detail about her strategizing and sketching process, from mapping out the murder on her whiteboard to creating suspect sheets, "adding the magic back in" with editing, and more.

We also talk a bit about the New Adult genre, writing places as characters, "NaNo-ing" throughout the year, and more.

Talking to Kate just really made me want to go home, shut myself in my office, and WRITE. I hope our conversation makes you feel the same way. :)

Curious to learn more about Kate Dyer-Seeley? Check out her official website, or curl up by the fireplace with a mug of cocoa and one of her delightful cozy mysteries.
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