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Thank you for listening, and happy writing! -- Sarah

Jul 6, 2022

Times get tough and sometimes I am not okay. I haven't been okay for a while. Maybe you can say the same.

Lately, I've woken up every morning to a pounding heart, racing breath, and a very intense feeling of panic and anxiety. I feel like my heart is a runaway stage coach driven by a horse that got spooked and is now dragging my body through the crowded town square of life. I can't say for certain, whether it's anxiety, fear, overwhelm, burnout, depression, ADHD, or just the world that we live in today.

It's hard to overcome this feeling. It's hard to write when it's present. I've been puzzling out a path through it. Maybe we can get through it together.

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Thank you as always for listening, and happy writing!
— Sarah

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