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Feb 5, 2016

Episode 009: reShoUNn's Story
Welcome to another Coffee Break episode of the Write Now podcast. I'm so glad you're here.

Today I'm talking with beautiful poet, corporate writer, anthroponymist, jazz den owner, community builder, & kindred spirit reShoUNn Foster, who is working to invigorate Detroit with the art of words through her Out My Write Mind and Hip n Zen in the Northend projects.
"Facebook saved my life."
In today's episode, reShoUNn shares her story of what she went through during a long period of depression (she terms it her "Job period"), as well as the importance of having a writing identity, the healing power of journaling, writing, poetry, & friendship.

She also speaks passionately about developing communities through teaching individuals to develop themselves and learn all they can about who they are.

Check out reShoUNn's projects, and be sure to look out for her new website & podcast, coming soon.
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