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Apr 20, 2015

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This is Episode 010 of the "Write Now" podcast. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT. It's about passion. <3 And no, not that kind of passion.
What do we really mean when we say writing is our "passion"?
Passion. It's part of the "Write Now" podcast tagline -- this is "the podcast that helps aspiring writers to find the time, energy, and courage you need to pursue your passion and write every day", after all.

But what does that mean?

Are we in love with writing? Do we feel called or compelled to write? Or does it mean something else entirely?

This episode looks at the root of the word "passion", which in both Latin and Greek means "to suffer" or "to do harm".
Wait, so do writers have to suffer for their craft?
No. Absolutely not. But there are different ways to have passion about a craft like writing. One is life-enhancing and fulfilling. The other is detrimental and might just drive you mad. We'll look at both types of passion (harmonious and obsessive) in today's episode.


The book of the week.
This week, I tried to read City of Bones, the first book in Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series. It's about a girl who realizes she's magic and goes on adventures. It originally started as Harry Potter fan fiction. It was made into a movie. It has become embroiled in plaigiarism scandals. It had so much going for it!

But I just couldn't finish it -- in fact, I had to put it down after the first four chapters.  Find out why when you listen to Episode 010.

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What do you think?
Do you talk about writing as a "passion" of yours? Do you find that passion and suffering are intertwined when it comes to writing? Do you ever suffer for your craft -- or do others ever suffer for your craft? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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