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A weekly podcast forwriters -- published, wannabe, or anywhere in between. Get the time, energy, & courage you need to pursue your passion & write every day.

Thank you for listening, and happy writing! -- Sarah

Sep 28, 2015

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Episode 025 of the Write Now podcast is sponsored by my good friend Dave Booda at the Darken the Page podcast for creatives of all kinds. He's a smart and funny dude. Check it out!
Today's podcast is a follow-up to last week's episode about 5 of my 10 favorite...

Sep 25, 2015

Episode 002: Mad Like Alyce

Welcome to another episode of Coffee Break! This week, I'm talking to lifestyle blogger Mad Like Alyce, who offers a special focus on living a healthier life with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and chronic pain.

This is a great podcast episode for any writer who has a blog or is...

Sep 24, 2015

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DID YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE BOOKS? This is a good thing, because episode 024 of the Write Now podcast is all about books. Hooray!

This week's episode is sponsored by my good friend Dave Booda at the Darken the Page podcast. Dave is passionate about exploring the creative process, and his...

Sep 17, 2015

Episode 001: Barbara Kyle
Welcome to the very first episode of Coffee Break, in which I speak with the elegant and gracious Barbara Kyle about what it means to write professionally and craft a true page-turner.

Ms. Kyle is the author of the popular Thornleigh Saga, a series of historical novels set in the court of King...

Sep 9, 2015

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Oh man. Episode 023 of the Write Now podcast is about SUCCESS. Get ready  for some kind of MONTAGE or MOTIVATIONAL POSTER, probably!

...Or, you know, a nice earnest discussion on what it means to find success as a writer.
What does success look like for you as a writer?
It's something that...