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A weekly podcast forwriters -- published, wannabe, or anywhere in between. Get the time, energy, & courage you need to pursue your passion & write every day.

Thank you for listening, and happy writing! -- Sarah

Jul 17, 2017

Join the ladies from Red Ink Publications for a chat about genre writing, delicious cake, and finding confidence in writing what you love.

Jul 10, 2017

Words have power—especially the words we say and think about ourselves. So whether you think you're slime or God's gift to writing, the way you think about yourself can have an immense effect on your work. 


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Jun 27, 2017

Award-winning novelist and psychiatrist Mark Rubinstein talks about the psychology behind sharing stories and the courage it takes to write them down.

Jun 20, 2017

What's the worst that will happen if you put yourself out there? How will you handle rejection? Even worse, what happens if you do nothing?

Jun 13, 2017

Randy Wayne White talks the virtues of trusting your characters, connecting with readers, leaving behind a legacy, and the secret to writing over 40 books!