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Sep 17, 2015

Episode 001: Barbara Kyle
Welcome to the very first episode of Coffee Break, in which I speak with the elegant and gracious Barbara Kyle about what it means to write professionally and craft a true page-turner.

Ms. Kyle is the author of the popular Thornleigh Saga, a series of historical novels set in the court of King Henry VIII.

However, she has also has a fascinating past as an actor -- she starred in the TV daytime drama High Hopes, among other roles on screen and onstage.

In this conversation, Barbara talks about the importance of outlining or storylining your novel, the role of empathy in storytelling, and how she came upon writing as a second career.

I hope you enjoy it.
Visit Barbara's website.
If you're interested in learning more about Barbara, you can visit her website, where she offers a series of webinars for writers and talks about her upcoming symposium this October in Toronto, called "Crafting the Page-Turner".
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