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Jan 27, 2016

Episode 008: Deane Barker
Hi friends! Welcome to your monthly Coffee Break episode of the Write Now podcast.

Today I want to share with you the delightful and fun conversation I had with Deane Barker, who has been an authority in the web content management space since the mid-'90s and is wrapping up his first book on the subject.

So! Even if you're not in to nonfiction (or especially if you are), Deane's insights about finding time to write, getting "friend-zoned" by your dream, dealing with writers' block, "parking lots" for ideas, imposter syndrome, chronic & acute editing fatigue, and giving yourself permission to fail (AND SO MUCH MORE!) are incredibly insightful and valuable.

Also: cats!

Curious to learn more about Deane? (I wouldn't blame you; he's a crazy-intelligent & super-awesome dude.) Check out his blog at Gadgetopia or his profile at Blend Interactive, grab your own copy of his book, Web Content Management, or follow him on Twitter at @gadgetopia.

Oh, and if you were interested in checking out the link to Deane's raw, unedited "parking lot" full of notes for this podcast episode (per our conversation about collection systems), you can find that here.
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