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A weekly podcast forwriters -- published, wannabe, or anywhere in between. Get the time, energy, & courage you need to pursue your passion & write every day.

Thank you for listening, and happy writing! -- Sarah

Oct 20, 2016

Fellow writer, podcaster, ghostwriter, and writing coach Kevin T. Johns and I have a great (and honest) conversation about making the most of our time as busy writers.

Oct 14, 2016

Honorée is a speaker, business coach, writing coach, and Writer with a capital W. She is also a smart, successful entrepreneur who has published 20 books and knows what it takes to sell them.

Oct 5, 2016

We learned a lot of great things in school. But our educational system isn't perfect, and there are some things we should have learned about writing (and life) that we didn't. All of those (and more!) in this week's episode!