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A weekly podcast forwriters -- published, wannabe, or anywhere in between. Get the time, energy, & courage you need to pursue your passion & write every day.

Thank you for listening, and happy writing! -- Sarah

Feb 27, 2017

Don't let myths about personality keep you from fully exploring yourself as a writer. Discover your strengths, weaknesses, and how you recharge!

Feb 20, 2017

What's the best music to listen to (if any) while you write? Let's talk about music curation and what different genres of recorded sound can do for you!

Feb 16, 2017

How can creative nonfiction help you to connect with people? What does it take to find or even create a supportive community? Tune in to find out!

Feb 6, 2017

If you write, you have a personal brand! Let's discuss some ways you can grow, maintain, and market your brand to help readers find your work.