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Oct 3, 2015

Episode 003: Matt Paulson
Hey friends. It's time for another Coffee Break!

Today, I'm speaking to my good friend Matt Paulson, the author of two books and finance blogger-turned-entrepreneur.

Matt is a smart dude who did something really interesting. He built a software program to gather financial data and generate blog posts about it. So today he's talking to us as the writer who literally built his own robot replacement.

It's like science fiction, but it's REAL LIFE! And Matt has seen an incredible amount of success.

That left Matt the writer with nothing left to write -- so he started writing books. One of those books he wrote in just 18 days (which you'll hear more about in this episode), and it's about an aspect of being a writer that often gets overlooked or pushed to the sidelines -- marketing.

Matt's newest book, Email Marketing Demystified, is a great and accessible way to gain a following for bloggers, novelists, and writers of all kinds. He spills some secrets in this episode about when to start collecting email addresses through your website, how to use them, and more. I think you'll agree it's pretty cool stuff.
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Want to learn how, as a writer or a blogger, to get started with email marketing? Matt's book, Email Marketing Demystified, is available free on Kindle through October 4, 2015, and if you'd still like a free copy after that, please contact him through his website.

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